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The social media is introduced as a new tool that provides the benefits of the Internet. Furthermore, it has moved beyond e-mail, addresses and appointments.             In Thailand, Facebook membership numbers have risen from 2.5 million to more than 6.5 million in 2010, making Thailand one of the world’s fastest growing markets for the social network giant. Business people and marketers attempt to connect their customers and interact with them using social media. Today, people comment about a product on social media produce either negative or positive brand buzz; these messages are sent out and affected consumer purchasing decisions. Therefore, businesses are facing the question how seriously should business people and marketers think about effects of social media business practices? Reasons that make social media popular are the followings. First, social media is a kind of channel that allows people to express themselves in public. Secondly, people today are surrounded by information, which must be timely and updated. Third, people want to see how their friends are currently doing. Lastly, people find a new place to hang around and escape from where they live.


Social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Business

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