Eutectic System in Pharmaceutical Applications


  • Sarun Tantarawongsa
  • Thawatchai Phaechamud


Eutectics are mixtures of at least two compounds with a uniqueproperty that such system has a lower melting temperature than thatof either constituent alone. This decrease in melting point can bescrutinized profoundly from thermodynamics theory which suggeststhat there is an increase in total entropy of the system. Furthermore,such thermodynamic equation could be utilized to determine theeutectic critical parameters such as eutectic point or eutecticcomposition employing the data form differential scanningcalorimetric and hot stage microscope. With the increasing totalentropy, the solubility and permeability ability of eutectics areenhanced apparently. Some liquid eutectics can be utilized assolvent/co-solvent system, and biotransformation medium. Somedrawbacks of eutectics include formulary incompatibilities which mayaffect stability or properties of the formula.Keywords:eutectic, thermodynamic, theory, pharmaceutical


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