Science Essence Journal is committed to keep the highest possible ethical standards of publication practice as following:

Authors' Responsibilities

  • Authors must ensure that they have provided entirely original works in their submitted manuscript with objective discussion of its significance.
  • Authors should not submit same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently, and the submitted work must have not been previously published elsewhere.
  • Authors should follow publication requirements of the journal.
  • Authors should ensure that their manuscript is written in clear and concise language, adhering to the journal's formatting and style guidelines.
  • Authors must present accurate information of their research findings, and must ensure that the work contains sufficient detail to permit others to replicate.
  • Authors should provide proper attribution for all sources, including data, figures, and ideas that have been taken from other works.
  • Authors should disclose any conflicts of interest that may influence their work.
  • Authors should acknowledge their funding sources.

Reviewers' Responsibilities

  • Reviewers should keep all information of the reviewed manuscripts confidentially.
  • Reviewers should declare any conflicts of interest that may affect their ability to review a manuscript.
  • Reviewers should provide possible plagiarism of the reviewed manuscript with supporting information.
  • Reviewers should suggest relevant previously published work that has not been cited in the reviewed manuscript.
  • Reviewers should identify any similarity or overlap between the work under being revision and other relevant published works.
  • Reviewers should provide review comments with clear decisions to the editor.
  • Reviewers should provide constructive and helpful feedback to authors, focusing on both strengths and areas for improvement in the manuscript.

Editors' Responsibilities

  • Editors should ensure that submitted manuscripts meet the journal requirement and the topics are in the scope of the journal.
  • Editors should make unbiased decisions.
  • Editors should appropriately handle potential conflicts of interest and ethical issues throughout the review and publication processes.
  • Editors should clearly communicate with authors and reviewers, providing clear instructions and guidance.
  • Editors should keep all information of the reviewed manuscripts confidentially, and disclose information only to the assigned reviewers.
  • Editors should ensure a fair and appropriate peer review process.