Effects of Hormones on Bone Cells in Elderly People and Their Influence on Osteopenia

Thaneeya Hawiset



Due to the increasing survival of middle and old age groups, elderly population worldwide is increasing. Increasing age is associated with a generalized deterioration of systemic organ functions. The endocrine system that releases hormones into the blood circulation for regulation of bodily functions is one of the physiological systems highly affected by age-related degeneration. Osteopenia is a progressive loss of bone matrix characterized by reduced bone density. The alteration of hormone levels in an aging population has a direct impact on bone cells, and therefore the potential to develop osteopenia. The pathophysiology of osteopenia is complex, but one of the major causes of bone mass loss associated with aging appears to be changed within the levels of endogenous hormone networks that regulate bone synthesis and breakdown. This brief review describes the physiology of bone growth, bone formation and bone remodeling. It then describes the effects of hormone regulation, as hormone changes with aging, and therefore the likelihood of the development of osteopenia. Lastly, this review provides information relating to preventative treatment of osteopenia and the maintenance of bone mass.

Keywords: hormone, osteopenia, bone cells, old age and endocrine system

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