Calculation of Combustion Products Using 6 Species Equilibrium Model


  • Sompop Jarungthammachote Energy System Research Group, Faculty of Engineering at Sriracha, Kasetsart University Sriracha Campus, Chonburi, 20230


ABSTRACT An equilibrium model for hydrocarbon combustion calculation is developed. 6 major products in combustion gas are considered in this model. It gives more accurate result than that from low temperature combustion model and it is more simple than 10 species equilibrium model. In the development of the model, Elemental balance equations and equilibrium constant equations are combined to form only one equation requiring numerical solving. Newton-Raphson technique with Laguerre-Samuelson initialization method is applied to find the solution. The simulation result from the model shows that this model can be used to provide the initial values for other models, for example, 10 species model, without temperature and pressure limitations. If the mole fractions of major gas species are needed to know with high accuracy, the model can be employed with temperature and pressure conditions. Keyword: Equilibrium constant, Combustion model, Laguerre-Samuelson initialization


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