Sleep Quality and Depression in Patients with Migraine

Supaporn Boonsongsawat, Thanasak Teaktong



Objective: To determine sleep quality and level of depression in migraine patients and to examine association between various factors and sleep quality and depression. Method: This cross-sectional descriptive study recruited 200 migraine patients at the outpatient department of Aikchol Hospital, Chonburi, from 26th August to 26th November, 2016. The participants were asked to fill the questionnaires for demographic information, precipitating factors of sleep disturbance, Thai version of Pittsburg Sleep Questionnaire (PSQI), Suanprung Stress Test-20 (SPST-20), the 2Q and 9Q Depression Screening tests developed by the Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health. The data were analyzed using frequency with percentage, and mean with standard deviation. Chi-square test and Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient were used to test associations between categorical and continuous variables, respectively. Results: Most patients had a poor sleep (78.0%) and low level of depression (49.0%). Frequency of migraine attack, duration since migraine diagnosis and pattern of drug prescribing were significantly correlated with sleep quality (P-value < 0.05). Frequency of migraine attack, duration since migraine diagnosis and stimulating factors of headache were significantly correlated with depression (P-value < 0.05). Stress and precipitating factors of sleep disturbance were significantly correlated with sleep quality and depression (P-value < 0.01 and < 0.05, respectively). Comorbidity of migraine, family history of migraine, duration of headache, mean score of pain severity, caffeinated beverage intake, cigarette smoking, and alcoholic beverage consumption were not correlated with sleep quality or depression. Conclusion: Most patients with migraine a poor sleep quality and a low depression level. The relationships found could be used to plan, manage and resolve sleep quality and depression in migraine patients.

Keywords: migraine, sleep quality, depression  

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