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In this third issue of volume 15, the Journal has been proudly presenting research articles of various disciplines. For pharmacy practice, the study entitled “Prescription Patterns and Clinical Outcomes of Antiplatelet Therapy in Acute Coronary Syndrome with End-Stage Renal Disease” shed the light on how well the use the antiplatelet therapy in a special group of patients, those with acute coronary syndrome and end-stage renal disease. The issue of suboptimal use has been known worldwide, and such phenomena in Thailand is also of great concern.

In the second study on pharmacy practice entitled “Incidence and Clinical Features of Anti-epileptic Drug Related Adverse Drug Reactions in Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital, Thailand,” the effort to prevent adverse events from anti-epileptic drugs has been evident. The authors and their institute have pioneered and advanced all aspects of pharmacy practice and we hope to welcome more of their publications.

A study in nursing practice entitled “Effectiveness of a Motivational Enhancement Group Therapy Program on Drug Abstinence Intention Among Thai Amphetamine-Abusing Youths” could have encouraged more advancement in helping young substance abusing addicts.

On the technology side, the two studies entitled “Propranolol HCl and salicylic acid-loaded hydrophilic and hydrophobic colloidal silicon dioxide anhydrous gels” and ”HPLC Analysis and Solvent Extraction of Emodin from Ventilago denticulata Willd” are the testament for scientists on improving products and refining scientific procedures.

In this challenging endeavor of the Thai Pharmaceutical and Health Science Journal, we are hopeful to better the quality of the articles published. We urge more submissions from international research community, regional and global. We would like to thank in advance for any prospective submissions.


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