Relationships between Comfort and Pain, Anxiety, and Social Support in Acute Respiratory Failure Patients with Non-invasive Ventilator Support

Wasurat Niyomrat, Khemaradee Masingboon, Wanlapa Kunsongkeit


Objective: To examine comfort and its relationship with pain, anxiety, and social support in acute respiratory failure patients with non-invasive ventilator support. Method: In this descriptive correlational research, we recruited 67 patients with acute respiratory failure admitted to the cardiac care unit and medicine intensive care unit of a private hospital, located in Pattaya, Chonburi province, Thailand. Data were collected using a set of questionnaires including demographic information, the Numerical Rating Scale (NSR) for Pain, the Thai Anxiety Scale, the Comfort, and the Social support questionnaires. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Pearson’s product moment correlation. Results: Patients reported a moderate level of comfort (M = 99.85, SD = 15.72), and high level of pain and anxiety (M = 8.16, SD = 0.62 and M = 10.33, SD = 1.95). Comfort was significantly and negatively correlated with pain and anxiety (r = -0.41, P = 0.001 and r = -0.90, P < 0.001 respectively); while positively correlated with social support (r = 0.89, P < 0.001). Conclusion: Acute respiratory failure patients with non-invasive ventilator support experienced a moderate level of comfort, and it was related with pain, anxiety and social support. Pain and anxiety should be better managed so that comfort among the patients could be improved.

Keywords: acute respiratory patient, non-invasive ventilator, comfort, social support, anxiety

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