The Creative Choreography for Nang Yai (Thai traditional shadow puppet theatre) Ramakien, Wat Ban Don, Rayong Province

Sun Tawalwongsri


    This paper aims at studying Nang Yai performances and how to create modernized choreography techniques for Nang Yai by using Wat Ban Don dance troupes. As Nang Yai always depicts Ramakien stories from the Indian Ramayana epic, this piece will also be about a Ramayana story, performed with innovative techniques—choreography, narrative, manipulation, and dance movement. The creation of this
show also emphasizes on exploring and finding methods of broader techniques, styles, and materials that can be used in the production of Nang Yai for its development and survival in modern times.

Keywords: NangYai, Thai traditional shadow puppet theatre, Choreography, Performing arts, lukisan mona lisa

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